Zambia - Australia Relief Association Inc.

About Us

Nguni Bantu... "I am because we are"

Our Mission

To be of service to the worldwide human family by engaging in community support and relief programs in Australia and our target country of Zambia. We aim to be active and contribute in the areas of Health, Education, Sustainable Development and Emergency Relief activities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to tackle extreme poverty especially in orphaned children in Zambia and indigenous communities in Australia by espousing for;
an equal world, where all human beings are treated equally,
a dignified world, where all nations have access to basic human necessities including food, water, housing, health and education,
a caring world, where developed countries support developing nations for resources and technology to reduce easily preventable deaths and diseases.

Our Principles

Commitment in delivering positive change to vulnerable communities and individuals
Advocacy of philanthropy for the poor and the needy,
Non-discriminatory and non-judgemental approach in our services
Professionalism, accountability and transparency in our corporate governance
Determination and reliability in offering volunteer service

We aim to provide and partner in the following local activities:

• Social Inclusion Services Aged care and hospital visits by volunteers
• Partner established NGOs in Projects for People with Disabilities Volunteer visits and fundraising initiatives
• Refugee & Asylum Seeker Support – Assisting the newcomers through social integration programs
• Homeless Support – Assisting the homeless via community kitchen programs in partnership with established agencies
• Social Responsibility Program Involving college and university students with charitable programs
• Clothing Donations Collection of apparel for clothing for distribution to indigenous communities and orphans in Zambia